The Quilege Brand

Quilege makes it easier for employers and talent hunters to secure better talents
while providing both professionals and entertainers equal opportunity to build their dream career.

Quilege is the next stage after college.

No, scratch that. Quilege helps you whether you attended college or not.
While being a graduate is required for certain jobs, we are all about talents and skills which we all know are hardly taught in school.
Except you are a doctor, lawyer, engineer or you are in some other serious profession that relies on what you studied in school,
in the real world, your technical skills or polished talents are much more utilized and Quilege is here to help you capitalize on it.
As a Quileger, you get to discover or showcase fresh talents, network, learn new skills but must importantly, you are 5x more qualified and have more than 400% chance of achieving your dream (whether as an entertainer or professional).

What we do

Ranging from testing you for your strengths/weaknesses and talents/skills, connecting you to quality career opportunities, we also provide more learning options to help you improve your skills or polish up your talents for the great career ahead. Quilege is not just about helping you get hired. We actually want to see you succeed in the field you always dreamed of. However, to be realistic, some fields require certain things that we cannot bypass. For instance, if you've always dreamed of becoming a doctor and you didn't take a medical course in school, there's not much we can do to help other than to advice you to return to school.

Who we are

We are a talent-sourcing/recruitment/career brand with a primary focus on bringing out the best in you. Quilege is a registered trademark of Quilege Ltd; an incorporated limited liability company opperating in accordance to the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Founded in 2019,; owned and managed by Quilege Ltd was established to tackle the problems linggering around job acquisition and talent discovery. Haven built a strong network of game-changers and a team of professionals, we are set to eliminate the endless cry for quality job candidates and the difficulty in getting to the limelight by entertainers.

Our Founder and CEO

Quilege Founder and CEO
Founded by Latii Brayllot, Quilege comprises of an exceptional team of career professionals ready to help you get your carear off the ground.

Our Story

Lots of people said Nigerians are unemployable and we almost jumped to the same conclusion when coming together as a team. The difficulty we faced is one of the reasons we are now combatting this talent-sourcing challenges within the nation.

Our Mission

There are tons of talented individuals among us that have been hidden for too long. Our hope is to eradicate the hurdles limiting their ability to shine. We want to give everyone an equal chance of success through our simple but unique platform.

Our Vision

Couple of years from now, Quilege will be the major hub where all serious career persons will troop in to kick-start, switch or grow their career on a daily basis. We see Quilege serving more than 50 million graduates and entertainers alike.
Before now, we only had silly job boards.
As a Quileger, you can now gain direct job placements in few clicks.

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