Quilege Supporters

Since you believe in us, you should as well get paid for it.
Earn over N200k monthly as a Quilege affiliate.

Do you support this amazing solution we are providing for job seekers, entertainers and employers?

Then, tell your audience about it and get rewarded. Being in the employment/career market, our solution is valued and needed by over 5 million Nigerians and this gives you a massive opportunity of cashing out big time since you have many potential referrals. A great solution like Quilege needs to be fully capitalized on by the targeted users and we believe you are the right person to help us spread the word.

By setting up this affiliate program, we are also providing another opportunity for Nigerians; including you. Instead of spending on advert campaigns, we want to give you this money and all you have to do is to tell your friends about us.

What makes Quilege affiliate program awesome?

Earnings are recurring. This means you only refer someone once and continue to earn for life as long as that person maintains his/her subscription.

We also offer performance bonuses to our top affiliates and some other bonuses to random affiliates who have made good progress. This bonuses comes in form of additional cash of up to N50k each and its to encourage affiliates to keep up the good work.

How it works?

Our referral program is very simple and straight-forward.
You create an affiliate account via Quilege.com/affiliates
You copy your referral link/banner and post on blogs/social media.
Interested users create a Quilege account via your affiliate link.
We pay you for inviting the new user to Quilege.com

What you earn?

You earn up to N20,000 for each employer you invite that hires through Quilege.
Then, you earn N1,000 each time your referrals (job seekers and entertainers) validates their skills/talents on Quilege. This graduates to N2,000 - N5,000 per referral depending on the number of referrals you are able to pull in monthly.

How do I get paid? Do you accept banks?

Yes, we pay you directly into your local bank account and you should set your bank name and account number before sending a withdrawal request.

What is the minimum payout and when?

There's no minimum payout and you can cashout your earnings anytime. Payment requests are processed within a couple of minutes.

Are there any promotional materials/tools?

Yes, there are a few banners available and we will create more materials but you can also customize or create your own materials.

How do I monitor my progress metrics?

You can see your clicks, signups, conversions and earnings directly on your affiliate dashboard. You even have access to the profiles of your referrals and earnings generated by each person.

How do I acquire maximum conversions?

Don't just post links, include some contents which should be something you think is great about Quilege. Also, always target your audience by posting to those most likely to be interested. Never spam!

How is this referral program sustainable?

Each Quileger you refer funds his/her account with a minimum of N2,000 when validating his/her skills/talents. Employers pay a few extra. This means there will always be money available to pay you.

Most importantly, if you need help, our Support Team is just a click away from your dashboard.
Earn multiples of N2,000+ while you sleep.
Start generating a recurring passive income as a Quileger.