We run a unique business micro-investing platform where users conveniently invest in African businesses for a return, earn, save & interact.

Type: Company | Industry: Finance | Category: Corporate | Founded: Sep, 2018

98 Madua street off Abacha Road | Port Harcourt, Rivers - Nigeria

Monday: 24 Hours | Tuesday: 24 Hours | Wednesday: 24 Hours
Thursday: 24 Hours | Friday: 24 Hours | Saturday: 24 Hours | Sunday: 24 Hours

Our platform allows for micro-investors to conveniently invest in highly-vetted African businesses for a return, invest in safer, reliable and less complicated capital appreciation instruments, earn, save, interact and gain access to several other income-yielding incentives at no cost. Investing is done in few clicks and returns are paid directly through the platform in split seconds upon withdrawal request.

Legal Name: Slourish Ltd | RC 1561182 | Team Size: 11 - 20

Latii Brayllot photo
Founder & CEO

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31, Jan, 2020

Working with Slourish has been great.

Above all reasons why Slourish is great, I'd say the team is what I love most. And Latii Brayllot; the CEO is probably the best boss ever!

18, Jan, 2020

Slourish is just amazing!

I've been working with Slourish since last year and I can boldly say that it's literally an adventure to come to work each day. It's fun being part of the team!

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We like to see ourselves as the solution when it comes to reducing the hardship and building a better future for the Nigerian people. We know entrepreneurship breeds developments, jobs and a stronger economy at large and that's while we are tackling the problem from the root - businesses. We hope to bring a lot of impact on the ways businesses and micro-investors do things but the major effect is on the creation of jobs, increase in the standard of living etc.


We see Slourish being the business micro-investing market leader in Africa, 5years from today as it will record 1m+ users across the globe who will be utilizing the platform to perform various levels of financial activities as individuals or for their businesses. Slourish will be the hub where thousands of users login daily to earn, save, invest, share ideas and perform a host of other transactions on the go.


The Slourish Affiliate Program

The Slourish Affiliate Program
Launched: Feb, 2020 | Port Harcourt, Nigeria

This accords our users the opportunity of earning an extra income through our robust affiliate system that instantly credits the user's account with up to N10k upon each new referral to the platform. | Learn more

Hashed Profit Share Program

Hashed Profit Share Program
Launched: Jan, 2019 | Port Harcourt, Nigeria

The HPS was launched to add more flexibility to the Slourish platform as members can begin to see a faster return of up to 4% monthly from their HPS monthly while waiting on their investments. | Learn more