Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the updated answers to the common questions of most new Quilegers.


What is Quilege all about?

Quilege is a talent-sourcing platform that helps professionals and entertainers alike to easily showcase their skills/talents and gain employment placements or entertainment deals to catapult their careers.

Who is a Quileger?

Anyone with an account on the platform is, most times, referred to as a Quileger.

Who is eligible to be a Quileger?

Every skilled/talented individual over the legal age of maturity (16+ years) of his/her location and able to make authoritive informed decisions and perform transactions without an adult supervision or prior permission of a guardian. This is to ensure that all Quilegers actually know what they are doing or at least, really want to be a Quileger and will be able to properly utilize the platform and scale through our challenges.

How can I be a Quileger?

You simply create a free Quilege account with a valid email, complete your profile information and carry out the challenges provided to you on your dashboard.


What is the best account security measure?

We understand how confusing it may be to maintain different login details for numerous platforms. However, keeping track of your Quilege Login should be taken seriously. The major safety measure is to ensure you choose a strong AlphaNumeric password combination that is at least 8 characters and contains upper and lower cases, however, you should only use a password that you can easily remember.

What happens if I loose access to my account?

The only way you can loose access to your account is by entering a wrong email address during your account creation. If you did this by mistake, you should contact us with your real email address and we will replace the your account email to enable you login. If you lost your password, simply reset it.

Do I need anything to get my account verified?

Not really. You are only required to confirm your email address upon signup. If anything on your account requires further verification by us, we will let you know on your dashboard.
Remember to visit your account regualarly to prevent your profile from being marked as inactive. If this happens, you may no longer receive our career/hiring recommendations and in time, your account will be flagged for possible removal since we like to maintain an updated platform with only relevant data.

After getting my dream career, what happens to my account?

Nothing really. Your account remains intact and you are in complete control which means you can deactivate or delete it anytime you feel you no longer need it. We only recommend that you indicate on your profile that you are now working with your dream brand. This will tell us to stop showcasing you to talent hunters/employers untill you reactivate your profile.
As a professional, we hope you won't need a new job (entertainers like actors will likely be in need of new roles in fresh projects as time goes on) but we suggest you follow the brands you love and maintain your account as you will have the opportunity to stay updated on the hottest new talents and discover new amazing teams or groups that will make a huge impact in the society.


Who is a candidate on Quilege?

Candidates are Quilegers who have been approved by our team as Quilege-certified individuals.

What do I do to be considered a candidate?

All Quilegers that have completed their tests/challenges are already candidates and would be suggested to recruiters/employers for job placements or to talent hunters for entertainment deals. If you are yet to complete your challenges, employers/talent hunters may never see your profile as we only want to recommend those that we have tested and approved.

What kind of challenges/tests are involved?

They are mostly like Quizes (oral and written) but depending on the stage and career path, some practical challenges are involved. The first stage will just help us fully understand your skills/talents, strengths/weaknesses and career goals which will be used to determine how best we can make your dream come true.

How long does it take to complete a challenge?

Depends on the challenge and the Quileger. Some tests can be completed in a couple of minutes on your account dashboard while others may require you to carry out the task outside and if you are not desciplined enough to focus and complete it on time, you loose points.

Am I under any obligation to complete a test?

None whatsoever. You can even use your Quilege account to discover other fresh talents and network with prospects without taking any test/challenge. However, we won't connect you with any talent hunter/recruiter untill you complete all your challenges.

How many challenges/tests do I need to complete?

Could be as little as two or three where you just answer some questions or record yourself executing your skills/talents. Don't worry as our tests won't be like another school final-year exam.

What happens if I fail a test/challenge?

No worries. You can retake the test some days after but you are most likely going to start from the very first challenge again and it will be different.

How do I get connected to my dream career?

While we can't promise that you will get what you want at the first instance, we try our best to put you in front of those capable of taking you to where you will be most appreciated. It may not be a smooth ride to paradise but being a Quileger gives you more than 400% better chance.


What is required of me as an employer/talent hunter?

You need a Quilege recruiter account from which you will gain access to recommended candidates for your team/project depending on your goals and the talent-sourcing criteria you set. Then, you need to note that Quilege candidates deserve to be treated fine with good benefits/packages/deals so, do not expect to hire a Grade A candidate with a salary package of Grade D candidates. We made it easy to identify the candidates by grading them according to their performances during their tests/challenges.

Why use Quilege instead of the numerous recruiting service out there?

As it implies, they are just recruitment services. Quilege offers more without a price tag. As a Quileger, everything is done for you. You basically just log in, describe your project and get the skilled/talented candidates for it. Quilege offers you far more quality candidates, save your time and money that you would have otherwise spent interviewing/auditioning thousands of unemployable/untalented individuals.

Employers: What kind of jobs can I post on Quilege?

Only real jobs with career-growth opportunities will be welcomeed. We are not building up Quilegers to offer them up for a minimum wage job that has no possibility of improving their life! However, we aren't saying you must come in with an oil company job or that your company must be multinational in order to use Quilege.
Just be sure to offer something more than just a job. For instance, your work environment, working conditions, company culture and benefit packages should be reasonable enough to attract and encourage collaborations, good work ethics and the zeal to excel.
Note that you can post jobs that are outside the corporate structure. You may even post industrial jobs or practical technical jobs as long as they are above the minimum wage and have condusive working conditions.

Entertainment: What kind of projects can I post on Quilege?

Any project that has to do with entertainment. This includes but not limited to fashion shows, peagents, concerts, record deal, movie production, dance competition, festivals comedy shows etc. Even if you are just looking for fresh talents to join your entertainment group or club, there are Quilegers looking forward to that!

Entertainment: What talents can I find on Quilege?

Virtually any talent you can think of. Even if you are looking for BMX riders or stuntsmen. Any extraordinary thing that is done to wow people in addition to actors, musicians, dancers, magicians, comedians. And these could range from professional entertainers, street performs to new talents still trying out their skills on their friends. We've actually placed no limit on the talents Quilegers can showcase and build their career on.

Can I afford being a talent hunter/recruiter on Quilege?

Quilege is not only affordable but basically free to use. We don't bill you for the talent-sourcing process and you could literally recruit via Quilege without spending a penny. We, however, will offer to upgrade your recommendations and prioritize your project for a small monthly fee or per project fee.


Can I use Quilege for free?

Of course, there's no compulsory fee associated with using your Quilege account. You may use your account freely for as long as you need to.

Is there some hidden charges attached to being a Quileger?

No. You may only need to upgrade your account or pay a fee to access certain features but the fees appear as they are. We only bill you for what you ordered and will never request more than a few bucks or bill you for what you didn't use.

What payment methods do you accept?

You can carry out upgrade transactions via USSD, credit/debit cards, your internet banking portal or by doing a simple bank transfer/deposit. Whatever method you prefer to use, your transaction will remain very secure.